Avila (pronounced ‘Ah-viel-lah’) is a women’s lifestyle fashion label specialising in quality, ethical, sustainable and size inclusive pieces for elevated everyday style with a sports luxe aesthetic. We are committed to creating pieces that help make women feel empowered and confident in their bodies. 

Designer and CEO of Avila, Ashleigh Bingham, draws on inspiration from the relaxed Australian lifestyle, nature and its landscapes as well as her personal sense of social and environmental responsibility to design Avila clothes. Underpinning the labels designs and processes are our four key values: ethically sourced, sustainably considered, quality in construction and comfort in design. Together, Avila’s clothing enable and empower women to feel positive and inspired. 

Our clothes are characterised by fit that is comfortable to enable versatility in function as it can be worn for all purposes throughout the day, flattering to the female figure and features a relaxed and modern athletic style.




 Avila’s values are predicated on sharing positive impacts on people and on the world and are achieved through our processes, designs and production. We aim to pass this on to women through our clothing, empowering them to feel amazing in their clothing but also feel good about the choice they have made to the planet and the people who have made Avila garments.  


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