Avila is a women's lifestyle label locally produced in Melbourne, offering luxury daywear and active living pieces. Avila produces sustainable and ethical collections designed for effortless styling and refined comfort. Qualities of elegance and naturalness are instilled in all our garments by selecting luxurious natural fabrics, ensuring quality fit and having an ethical and sustainable approach.


 Founded by Melbourne based designer Ashleigh Bingham in 2013, the inspiration behind the label Avila, came as a reply to the demands of everyday life, where functionality and style need to merge to create clothing suitable for life's daily activities. As an active individual Ashleigh was inspired by the idea that our clothing can transition us throughout the day from a yoga class, to coffee with friends, to shopping and back again. With a Bachelor of Design specialising in fashion, Ashleigh was inspired to create an ethical Australian made label dedicated to using high quality natural fabrics with eco friendly and sustainable considerations.


Avila produces two ranges, one focus on casual effortless daywear and the other an Athleisure range focused on an active lifestyle with styles that merge between the two. Through designing two ranges, Ashleigh creates cohesive collections that provide the answer to the busy modern day woman. 
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