Ethics & Sustainability

The place where the search for fashion that meets style, comfort and an ethical and sustainable conscience is achieved.

 Avila’s values are predicated on sharing positive impacts on people and on the world and are achieved through our processes, designs and production. We aim to pass this on to women through our clothing, empowering them to feel amazing in their clothing but also feel good about the choice they have made to the planet and the people who have made Avila garments.  


We work with suppliers that are accredited in social and ethical responsibility. Please see below breakdown about our suppliers. Avila aims to produce their clothing close to the source of raw materials.


Melbourne made - Made locally in house by one of our own production team members or by a local Ethical Australia accredited factory. We do limited edition runs in Australia sourcing accredited organic cotton from a local fabric mill.
Made in India - The factory we work with in India crafts our clothing in their 'green' facility which is run on solar power, recycled rain water and creates their own fabrics at our request to ensure low wastage. They are certified Fair Trade.
Made in China - We work with a highly skilled and ethical team in China. They hold a BSCI accreditation. In 2019 we started to develop our own fabrics. To do this we started to work with this highly skilled and ethical factory in China. We have met with them personally a number of times  and we are very excited to be working with this team on custom developed fabrics for a number of our pieces.
We work closely with all our makers and suppliers to ensure the values of Avila are met in all aspects of the supply chain.


With a farming upbringing, founder of Avila, Ashleigh has an approach that fashion should be created whilst limiting the environmental footprint. This is achieved (though not limited to) by using natural fabrics and efforts limiting fabric usage and wastage from sampling to production.
We use the highest quality eco-friendly and low environmental impact fabrics wherever possible. We design classic, timeless pieces at a high quality ensuring garments last and can be worn season after season. 
We try to reuse our off cuts of fabric for bags, scrunchies or sampling to minimise waste.
Recycled draw cord bag 
Image of a bag made from offcuts.


The fabrics we use can vary from season to season. Our most frequently used fabrics are organic cotton, tencel and modal. Fabrics are dyed using low impact, non toxic dyes. We develop majority of our own fabrics customised specifically for our designs. We only use the highest quality fabrics that feel amazing against the skin.
See the chart below to see how our modal fabric is made.
 Avila custom leggings, sustainability chart on how they are made.
Chart of how our custom developed "The ultimate comfy leggings" were made.


Eco friendly sustainable packaging
To wrap majority of our orders we use recycled tissue paper along with a  personalised note made from recycled paper. We use biodegradable or ocean recycled plastic postbags that can be reused or put into your home compost(biodegradable ones)! Invoices are emailed to customers (not printed) when an order is placed or can be checked online through your account. 
If you have any questions regarding ethics and sustainability at Avila, please get in touch at