December 17, 2020

At Avila, we are really passionate about ethical activewear. Ethical activewear is a category of fashion that is designed to be worn during lifestyle activities that is made ethically along the entire supply chain. This includes processes within the design phase, product development and fashion production. For example, ethically made clothes are produced in a place where all of the workers in the supply chain are fairly paid and are provided fair working conditions.  

We often get asked questions about what ethical activewear actually is and how can customers be sure that their clothing is being made ethically. This can be especially difficult but a great way to know if clothing is made ethically is to look for certain certifications that ensure a transparent supply chain.

Here are some examples of ethical certifications you can trust!

Fairtrade fashion logo

Fairtrade –  The fairtrade certification is based on a set of standards that are designed to support the sustainable development of agricultural and manufacturing works in the poorest countries in the world. Fairtrade clothing is made by meeting this set of standards which ensure that producers receive prices that cover their average cost of sustainable production. Simply put, Fairtrade is a way to make a difference to the lives of people who grow and create the beautiful things we love to wear. It’s all about making trade fair. 

You can read more about Fairtrade certifications here.(

BSCI ethical fashion accreditation

BSCI – BSCI accreditation is about Improving social performance in global supply chains.

This accreditation has a strong code of conduct with 11 principles that support their members. These range from fair remuneration to no child labour, along with a step-by-step approach that enables companies to monitor, engage, get empowered and receive support to put sustainable trade at the heart of their business.

To read more about BSCI click here (

wrap certification

WRAP -  Wrap is another certification that ensures the basic standards of labour practises are met including factory conditions and environmental compliance. They help to maintain supply chains to ensure integrity in all areas of the manufacturing process.  

To read more on WRAP certifications click here (

 Fairtrade factory

Image taken in our Fairtrade factory in India.

At Avila, our ethical activewear is certified with WRAP, BSCI or FAIRTRADE which ensure our supply chains are ethical and fair. It is important to us that our supply chain is transparent and we can trust that the growers of our organic cotton right through to the people making our garments by hand are being paid fairly and are working in fair conditions. This is something that we are very proud of and value in our business. We want to ensure that your purchases not only feel and look amazing but also give you peace of mind knowing that these items were made in fair and ethical conditions by people who love making them.

If you have any questions about Avila, ethical activewear or ethical fashion in general please get in touch at

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